Our Restaurant

Opening & Kitchen Times

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Bar
Monday   1200-1500 1800-2100 Open all day
Tuesday   Closed 1800-2100 Open 1600
Wednesday   Closed 1800-2100  Open 1600
Thursday   1200-1500 1800-2100  Open all day
Friday   1200-1630 1730-2100 Open all day
Saturday   1200-1630 1730-2100 Open all day
Sunday   1200-1630 1730-1930 Open all day


A note from the kitchen.

"The produce is really important to us and the methods by which it gets to your plate. Our beef truly is farm to plate. Sourced from traditional native breeds, a Shorthorn~Limousine herd treading the local foothills of Brimham Rocks - North Yorkshire. High welfare farming is a priority of ours and our beef is ethically reared by an old school farmer called Seedy. The herd is slowly matured and grass fed, this results in slower growing and gives a much better flavour. These processes greatly effect the quality of the meat. It means it’s higher in protein, omega-3’s, antioxidants & beta carotenes* Basically it’s better for you!

After we’ve sourced the best beef we can, we go on to age and butcher the meat personally. We have an in-house butchery where all of our steaks are crafted to perfection and where our burgers are made by hand to our own personal recipe. This is the true epitomisation of Provenance... We don’t just say it, we mean it!

The rest of our menu sources inspiration from the local area and the seasons. Being a pub, we aspire for a relaxed and fun dining experience. Old school dishes like homemade black pudding continue the pub heritage and traditions. New and exciting dishes like our house nachos and tiger prawn thermidor allow us to move forward with a new generation of pub diners who want something a bit different. Beautiful, yet simple modern food served in a relaxed informal environment.

Please browse our menus all let us know what you think."

The Kitchen Team