The Burgers


Which One Will You Choose? 

Here at the White Swan, we seem to have developed a reputation for all the right reasons when it comes to our burgers. Our team have worked together to create (the perfect recipe - blending salt and seasonings just right, making sure the grind of the beef is not too fine ) and building a selection to make sure there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes whether you love a tradition beef burger, or want to add a bit of spice to your bun!

All of our burgers are made in house using local beef.  We butcher and grind and make them by hand…..we also select locally sourced produce to compliment them and we’ve worked hard on each of the combinations to make sure they’re perfect. Our main menu features some classics and old faithfuls that have stood the test of time.  Our seasonal menu is a new addition that we roll out every burger night when you dine with us or overnight for takeaway. Each of these burgers is based upon our teams ‘burger hacks’ so there are elements of their favourite flavours in each one!  The ones they get the chefs to create after hours when our customers have gone home… 

We’d like to get our customers involved in our next seasonal burger menu too, so scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how!!!!  There's a cash prize in it for you.

Our burgers are available everyday alongside our main menu. You can either enjoy them in the surroundings of our bar and restaurant or take them away to tuck into on the sofa! We also run our weekly burger night, with our 10 burgers on offer for just £10 each. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also put together our ‘Burgerholic’ loyalty scheme so you can enjoy burgers and get your 11th one free!

Call to order - takeaway or delivery 01748 825122

The Menu



Get Involved

We want to keep adding to our burger menu, and we'd like to hear your ideas! Submit your favoruite burger or recipe ideas below to help us create the 'Customer favourite' Menu -  We’ll choose the top 10 ideas for the new menu and the 10 winners will recieve a £15 voucher too!'